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Essential Oils

Bush Sense - AUSTRALIAN Essential OILS & AROMATIC Compounds . . 2000 127p
Essential Oils Fletcher, Kim Penguin Books

Ess Oils of Austeromyrtus, Callistemon & Mel spp Brophy, JJ and Doran, JC Aust Centre for International Agric. Research

Leaf Oils of the Genus backhousia (Myrtaceae) Boland, DJ, Brophy, JJ & House, APN Journal of Essential Oil Research

Eucalyptus Leaf Oils Boland, DJ, Brophy, JJ & House, APN Inkata Press

The Euc Leaf Oils: Use, Chemistry, Distillation & Markets Boland, DJ & Brophy JJ Aust Centre for International Agric. Research

Field Distillation of Herbaceous Oils - 2nd Edition Denny, E.F.K. (Tim) Denny McKenzie Ass

Essential Oil Isolates from the Australian Flora Lassak, EV, Southwell, LA Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences


New England Acacias Harden, GJ and Williams, JB University of New England

Bushfood Plants for Cold Climates Carey, M & Gow, P Sapphire Coast Producers Ass

Field Guide to Victorian Wattles Rogers Botanic Bookshop

Useful Bush Plants Bindon, P A & R /WA Museum 1996
Cradle of Incense Althofer, G.W. SGAP

Common Australian Fungi Young Botanic Bookshop

Field Companion to Australian Fungi The Fuhrer Botanic Bookshop

Useful Australian Plants

Trees and Shrubs in Rainforests - 6 booklets Williams, JB et al UNE

Bushfood Plants Useful and Edible Plants for the South East Carey M & Gow P Sapphire Coast Producers Ass

Native Plants of Northern Australia John Brock Reed Books 1993 358p $53.00
CISRO Handbook of Economic Plants of Aust 2nd Ed Lazarides M & Hince B (eds), CSIRO Plant Industry CSIRO

Rainforest plants of Eastern Australia Pearson, S and A Simon & Schuster Aus 1992 224p
Bush Food Isaacs, J Gary Allen Distributors

Checklist of the rainforest flora of NSW Williams, JB Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, ANU

Rainforest Trees of Mainland SE Australia Floyd, AG Inkata Press

Rainforests of Australia Figgis, P & Meier, L Lansdowne Publishing

Australian Rainforest trees Francis, WD AGPS

Fragrant Native Gardens McLeod, Dr Judyth Simon & Schuster Aus

Fruits - a guide to some common and unusual fruits found in rainforests Harden, GJ and William, JB UNE

Bush Tucker Man, Stories of Exploration and Survival Hiddens, L Allen & Unwin

Plant Identification in the Arid Zone Milson, Jenny DPI Publishing

Introducing Dry Rainforests
Qld Dept of Environment

Australian Rainforests in NSW, 2 vols Floyd, AG Surry Beatty and Sons

Tropical Rainforests of N Queensland
Australian Heritage Commission

Fruits of the Rainforest Cooper, W & W Hallmark Books

Rainforest Plants Vol I - IV Nicholson, Hugh & Nan Terania Rainforest Publishing

Australian Bush Foods
Botanic Bookshop

Acacias of South Australia. Whibley, D. J. E. and Symon, D. E. Government Printer: Adelaide 1992

Plants and Man in Australia
Academic Press

Bush Heritage Pat & Sim Symons Pat & Sim Symons

Australia's Wild Food Low, Tim Angus & Robertson

Australian Native Plants for Tropical and Sub Tropical E Coast Gardens Fairhill Nursery Fairhill Nursery

Bringing Back the Bush Bradley, Joan Lansdowne

Australian Native Plants 4th edition Wrigley, JW & Fagg, M

Dinkum Gardening Low, Tim Greening Australia

Two Hundred Wattles for Gardens
David G Stead Memorial Wildlife Research Found.

Flora of Melbourne SGAP Vic SGAP VIC

Bush Tucker Low, Tim Angus & Robertson

Wildflowers of SE Qld Vol 1 & 2
DPI Publishing

The Seed Savers Handbook for Australia and NZ Fanton, M & J Seed Savers Network

Planning for Sustainable Farming Campbell, Andrew Greening Aus - Qld

Diary of a Weekend Farmer
Penguin Books

Australian Dry Zone Acacias for Human Food House/Hardwood CSIRO

Plants of the Dry Tropics Townsend, Keith SGAP Townsville

Australian Tropical Plants Vol 1, Ver 2 Sankowsky Zodiac Publications

A Short Bibliography of Useful Australian Plants Barker, Rodney Greenhaus Publications

The Feast of the Bunya Moynihan Fortitude Press

Bushfires and Bushtucker Latz, Peter IAD PRESS

Northern Territory Monsoon Vine Forests
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Wild Food Plants of Australia Low, Tim Angus & Robertson 1988 236p $17.00
Australian Mushrooms and Toadstools Wood, A.

A Companion Guide to Bush Food Isaacs, Jennifer Lansdowne Publishing

Indigenous Gardening: Growing local native Plants Eustace Botanic Bookshop

Flora and Fauna of Alpine Australasia Barlow, BA (Ed) CSIRO

Economic Native Trees and Shrubs for South Australia Bonney, Neville Greening Australia SA 1997 178p $39.00
Native Plant Uses of Southern South Australia Bonney, Neville Greening Australia SA

What Seed is That? Bonney, Neville Greening Australia SA

Propagation of Australian Plants Blomery & Maloney

Wild Herbs of Australia and NZ Low, Tim Angus & Robertson

The Practical Australian Gardener Cundall, P Penguin Books

Gardening on the Wild Side Stewart, A. Allen & Unwin

Some Citrus Species and Varieties in Australia Alexander, D. McE CSIRO

Plants of the Tropical Woodlands
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Growing Australian Native Plants Mason, John Simon & Schuster Aus

Uniquely Australian Cherikofff. Vic Ti Tree Press

Aromatic Plants Wrigley, JW & Fagg, M

Atlas of the Vascular Rainforest Plants of the Northern Territory
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Seed Collection of Australian Native Plants Ralph, Murray Greening Aus - Qld

Wild Foods of Australia Cribb, AB & JW Angus & Robertson

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ACACIAS of Southeast Australia Tame
1992 206p
Acacias of Southeast Australia. Tame, T. Kangaroo Press: Kenthurst 1992

AUSTRALIAN RAINFOREST Plants - in the forest & in the garden Nicholson
2000 73p
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The Quandong. Australia's premier native fruit. Gordon-Mills, E. Australian Quandong Industry Association, Upper Sturt, South Australia 2000

The BUNYA, an AUSTRALIAN NUT with Potential David Noel (TCC)
1990 20 min
1990-95 72p/vol
Acacias of Australia. Simmons, M. H. Nelson: Melbourne 1981

FLORA of the PINE RIVERS Valley 3 ed Sked, Jan   1991 48p
North Queensland Native Plants  
1988 79p
The Aussie Plant Finder: 30,000 Plants and where to buy them Hibberd
2000 394p
Acacias of Australia. Vol. 2. Simmons, M. H. Viking O'Neil, Penguin Books Australia Ltd: Melbourne 1988

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The Bushfood Handbook
Cherikoff, V. and Isaacs, J. Ti Tree Press: Balmain 1989

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BUSHFOOD Plants - Useful & Edible Aust Plants for the South East Carey   1988 36p
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Edible Wattlew Seeds of Southern Australia Brundrett
1998 108p
Handbook on seeds of dry-zone acacias. A guide for collecting, extracting, cleaning and storing and for treatment to promote germination. Doran, J. C., Turnbull, J. W., Boland, D. J. and Gunn, B. V. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations: Rome 1983

Feasibility of a sustainable bush food Industry in Western Queensland Phelps   1997 120p
Food Potential of seeds from Australian Native Plants Jones
1985 212p
Native names and uses of plants in the north-eastern corner of South Australia. Johnston, T. H. and Cleland, J. B. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 67 (1): 149-173 1943

Grow Your Own Bushfoods Smith
1999 139p


Direct Seeding of Trees & Shrubs Dalton, Greg Greening Aus - Qld

Hybridisation Techniques for Acacias Sedgley, M. Harbard, J and Smith, R (eds) Aust Centre for International Agric. Research

Development of Postharvest Handling Technology for Tropical Fruit Trees Johnson, GI & Highley, E (eds) Aust Centre for International Agric. Research

Germinating bitter quandong. Lethbridge, B. Acuminatum, Autumn 1998, p 4 1998

Plant Propagation - Principles & Practice Hartmann, N

Post Harvest Handling of Tropical Fruits Champ. BR, Highley, E and Johnson GE (eds) Aust Centre for International Agric. Research

Growing Australian Plants from Seed Ralph, Murray Greening Aus - Qld

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Growing Rainforest Kooyman, Robert Greening Aus - Qld

Air layering. Randell, B.R. Acuminatum, Summer 1998/99, p 3 1998

Cheap and Easy Propagation Edmanson, Jane

Natural Pest Control: an Aust Guide for Commercial Growers, Orchardists and Farmers Chapman, B., Penman, D., Hicks, P. Nelson

Australian Native Plants: Propogation, Cultivation, & Use in Landscaping Wrigley
1996 696p
Growing Australian Tropical Plants Peter & Ann Radke, Gary & Nada Sankowsky Frith & Frith Books

GROWING Australian Tropical Plants - Rainforest Radke
1993 70p


A history of the quandong. Anderson, R. Minnipa Research Centre, Dept of Agriculture, South Australia 1991

Language of Botany Debenham, C.N.

The Moth Hunters Flood, Joesphine Australian Inst of Abor Studies

The Rise and Demise of the Black Wattle Bark Industry in Australia Searle, S Technical paper no. 1. CSIRO Division of Forestry: Canberra 1991


Bushtucker Identikit Wrightman, G and Andrew, M NT Conservation Commission

Bush Tucker (Identikit)
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Desert Bush Tucker Identikit
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT



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AUSTRALIAN PLANTS/ Vol 17 17 No   1994 48p
AUSTRALIAN PLANTS/ Vol 16 No 130 issues   1992 48p
Some more quandong pests. Jacobs, R. Acuminatum, Winter 1998, p 3 1998


Aboriginal Food & Herbal Medicine Isaacs, J Lansdowne Publishing

Australina Medicinal Plants Lassak   2001 240p
Bush Medicine Low, T Angus & Robertson

Bush Medicine Jan Sked Pine Rivers SGAP

Cornucopia Facciola, S Kampung Publications

Traditional Bush Medicines Aboriginal Community, NT Greenhaus

Wild Medicine in Australia Cribb, AB & AW A & R

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Australian Medicinal Plants Lassack, E & McCarthy, T Methven

Traditional Aboriginal Medicines in the Northern Territory of Aus Aboriginal Communities Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Bush Medicine (Identikit)
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT



BUSH FOOD Seminar: Papers & Proceedings (Aus, 1994)
  1994 116p
Quandong production. Hele, A. Fact Sheet. Primary Industries & Resources South Australia. 2001

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Deakin Uni

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Wattleseed Production. Hele, A. Factsheet. Primary Industries & Resources South Australia 2001

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