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Aboriginal use of the quandong. Anderson, R. Minnipa Research Centre, Dept of Agriculture, South Australia 1991

Traditional Plant Foods in SW of WA
ANU - School of Pacific Studies

Bardi Plants Smith, Moya & Kalotas Records of WA Museum

Plant Detoxification in the Rainforest: the processing of poisonous plants by the Jirrbal-Girramay people Pedley, Helen Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Str

Bush tucker: a guide and resources on traditional Aboriginal Foods of the north west of Central Australia Winfield, Cathy Wattle Park Teachers Centre

Traditional Aboriginal Plant Resources in the Kalumburu area Crawford, IM WA Museum

Preliminary account of Acacia usage by Aborigines in part of the Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia. Bindon, P. and Maslin, B. R. International Conference on Indian Ocean Studies II, 9 pp 1984

Koori Plants, Koori People   Koori Trust

Arrente Foods, Foods from Central Australia Turner, Margaret Mary IAD PRESS

Boonyja Bardag Gorna: All trees are good for something Paddy, ES & Smith, M WA Museum

Mayi, Some Bush Fruits of Dampierland Gather Mayi et al Magabala Books 1987 60 $11.00
Gurundji Ethnobotany, Aboriginal Plant Use from Daguragu, NT
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Ngarinyman Ethnobotany, Aboriginal Plant Use from the Victoria River Area
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Rirratjingu Ethnobotany, Aboriginal Plant Use from NE Arnhem Land, NT
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Mudburra Ethnoboatny, Aboriginal Plant Use from Kulumindini (Elliot) NT
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Punu Yankunytjatjara, Plant Use Goddard, C & Kalotas, A. IAD PRESS 1995 166p $17.00
Women's Gathering and Hunting in the Pitjantjatjara Homelands Suzy Bryce IAD PRESS 1992 42p $8.00
Use of Victorian Plants by Koories (Flora of Victoria) Gott, Beth and Conran, John Inkata Press

The Food Resources of the Aborigines of SW Aust Meagher, S WA Museum

Mangarrayi Ethnobotany, Aboriginal Plant Use from Elsey area, NT
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT

Traditional ecological knowledge - wisdom for sustainable agriculture Williams, NM & Baines, G Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, ANU

Plants & People: Aboriginal Uses of Plants on Groote Eylan Levitt, Dulcie Australian Inst of Abor Studies

Victorian Aborigines: Plant Food Oates, A & Seeman, A National Museum of Victoria

The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia Horton, David & McKenzie, Kim Aboriginal Studies Press

Traditional and modern plant use among the Alywarra of central Australia. O'Connell, J. E., Latz, P. K. and Barnett, P. Economic Botany 37 (1): 80-109 1983

The food resources of the Aborigines of the south-west of Western Australia. Meagher, S. Records of the Western Australian Museum 3 (1): 14-65 1974

Mutooroo: Plant Use by Aboriginal people Leiper, Glenn Eagleby South State School

Mingkiri Mutitjulu Community & Lynn Baker IAD PRESS

Alawa Enthnobotanical Notes, Aboriginal Plant Use from Minyerri, NT
Parks & Wildlife Comm of the NT



BUSH TUCKER MAN: Rainforests to Cape York Hiddins Video, ABC 120 min 1988  


Ecosystem Bushfood Production in sub tropical eastern Australia Peter Hardwick Greening Australia Sydney

A review of the ecological characteristics of Acacia saligna (Labill.) H. Wendl. Fox, J. E. D. Mulga Research Centre Journal 12: 39-55 1995


Acacia retinodes var. retinodes: economic potential. Jones, C. Australian Bushfoods Magazine. 16: 15 2001

The Role Of Government in New Industry Development Vinning, Grant RIRDC

Prospects for the Australian Native Food Industry. Graham, C. and Hart, D. Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. RIRDC Research Paper No. 97/22. 1997

Marketing the Australian NATIVE FOOD Industry
  2000 33p
An assessment of the commercial potential of quandong (Santalum acuminatum) varieties in Broken Hill. Razikari, H. Thesis, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury 1996

Santalum acuminatum fruit: a prospect for horticultural development. Rivett, D.E., Jones, G.P. and Tucker, D.J. In Wickens, G.E., Haq, N. and Day, P. (eds) New Crops for Food and Industry. Chapman and Hall, London. Pp 208-215 1989

Marketing prospects for quandong products. Deer, T. In Quandongs, a viable opportunity. Minnipa Research Centre, Oct. 18, 1991. Dept of Agriculture, South Australia 1991

Bush peach becomes a commercial crop. Conroy, F. Rural Research 172: 11-14 1996


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