Some FAQ's

Ten Most FAQs for the Bushfood Industry

1. What should I grow?

At this stage in the industry’s growth, no one would be so bold as to tell you categorically what to grow - unless they guarantee to buy your harvest! Here are some pointers:

Look for the list of ‘best bet’ species and see:

which are local to your area or are found in similar climatic/soil type areas

which is the species suit your location (sloping block, riparian areas, difficult access etc)

which species suit your resources (harvest, post harvest, marketing etc)

which species appeal to you?

which species have some track record for demand

Go beyond the ‘best bet’ and go with your own inclination - we have literally thousands of great edible natives and no one can say which will become flavour of some future month. Be aware that you will be facing even greater education and marketing challenges if you choose a lesser known species - treat it as a challenge!. 

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