Wild Finger Lime has conducted research in the Australian restaurant industry and in selected export markets to establish which is the most desired variety to ensure they supply not only premium quality fruit but also a variety which is enticing to a wide range of consumers.

The Finger Lime tree is difficult to reproduce in a commercial environment. Without the expertise to to select suitable root stock and budwood, it is difficult to create healthy young trees that arenít overly susceptable to the likes of collar rot, citrus borer and severe die back as they grow to maturity. All these diseases, although manageable, can affect the quality and quantity of fruit the tree can produce in its life cycle.

Wild Finger Lime has created a virtual mini rainforest and grows their native finger limes amongst other native species. As the plant thrives in itís natural habitat, and is not suited to broad acre farming, it stands to reason that in itís natural environment the tree will thrive and produce excellent crops year in year out. Trees fruit from December through June. The Australian Finger Lime Growers Association ensures that the member growers adopt best practices in producing high quality finger limes in the region.

Finger Limes are ideal with any seafood, Thai, Malay, Japanese, salads,cocktails, dressings, and desserts. Occasionally ĎBí Grade fruit is available in limited quantities for value added products such as chutneys, jams and other condiments.

After carrying out consumer research, Wild Finger Lime has selected and listed the following varieties. The most important criteria is taste, appearance of the pulp and texture of the skin. Our fingerlimes are packed in 2KG boxes and pre cooled to 4-6 degrees celsius, we recommend that they are maintained at this temperature throughout the cool-chain. Quality is of paramount importance to Wild Finger Lime.

The following are the preferred varieties:

Rainforest Ruby 1

Rainforest Garnet 1

Rainforest Jade 1

Rainforest Pearl

Rainforest Diamond

Rainforest Jade 2

Rainforest Topaz