Odd spot

Odd spot

He's a chef I've wanted to know more about - so when I came across a snippet, I was intrigued:

Graeme Blundell 
September 16, 2006
The Australian 

ALICE Springs hospitality lecturer and champion of bush food Athol Wark is working as guest chef at Yasawa Island, one of Fiji's most exclusive resorts. Wark is using indigenous Australian ingredients such as kutjera (bush tomatoes), wattleseed and lemon myrtle alongside such South Pacific produce as rou-rou (Fijian spinach), cassava and taro.

It was the term kutjera that caught my eye - 'Bush tomato', 'Akajura', 'Akadjura', 'Desert Tomato', even 'Desert Raisin' - but kutjera?



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