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The following is from Brian King - 'Mr Muntari'. 

I was thinking last night how things were moving in the Bushfood circle these days.
Unfortunately, we closed down Muntari due to my engineering workload...just became too hard.
Still have a bout 30 acre of wattleseed plantation yet to see any real return on as 5 years drought has blown harvest out the window...oh well, it happens.
We also moved back to Adelaide...suburbia....yuk....but it was necessary for work.
Muntries, yes still have original clones and parent stock which we hope to sometime soon have that REAL sea change and produce by ourselves.
I am currently working on a de-mining metal detector in my "spare time" however, if you need a hand as I said let me know.
Here's a bit of a story for you.
We still had some tubestock left over when the nursery was closed down..about 10,000.
Gave away as many as possible to interested parties but still had that many left.
Anyway, rather than throw them away.which I just could not do.we carted them back to Adelaide and kept them in tubes in the rental home while we had our new home built.
Was about a year I guess and we lost almost half of them. Once the house was finished we carted them here and we still have perhaps 2500 all various species.most in large tubes still!
Ok, so they are everywhere including down the hill, up the driveway under a pergola we have 200 odd Davidsons Plums.yes in tubes still and foam trays... you get the picture. 
Our 12 year old grandson Van looks after them. He waters them everyday .good lad and very interested in plants...even better. 
He lets me know the correct botanical names mind is not always that sharp these days and I stand there sometimes trying to get the word out...he beats me to it.
So anyway, the other day he comes inside all excited and says..hey pa , the Davidsonias are flowering and there is at least 10 fruit on them.
Sure enough flowers everywhere and just like Van told me, fruit on about 10 of them..
I duly praised him up for being so observant and well done for being so patient with the watering etc. I was amazed too considering how hot and windy SA is.
The muntries have also been fruiting and he has been collecting and eating them over the last few weeks too.
It gives me great satisfaction knowing that some of my knowledge has rubbed of.just hope he does'nt pick up my bad habits too! 
Cheers for now

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