Ten Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2007

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 

Drawing on eleven years’ research and analysis in the business of functional foods and beverages, Ten Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2007, a new report from the editorial desk of food industry publication New Nutrition Business, deftly and confidently identifies the ten mega-trends that will have the most impact on the food and beverage industries over the year ahead. Written by Julian Mellentin, director of New Nutrition Business and editor of its publications – New Nutrition Business and Kids Nutrition

Report – the new report points companies towards some clear and practical strategic directions for their functional food and beverage developments, production and marketing. 

Ten Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2007 provides detailed scrutiny of the links between food, nutrition, health and business and arrives at the following forecasts for 2007 and the years ahead:

*  Key Trend 1: A future of weight management

*  Key Trend 2: Mood food – brain health, mood and performance to be the next big trend

*  Key Trend 3: Healthy snacking – pigs might fly as the boundaries between health, convenience and indulgence break down

*  Key Trend 4: Fruit: the future of functional foods?

*  Key Trend 5: Digestive health still has far to run

*  Key Trend 6: Brains, bowels, naturalness and healthy snacking are the drivers in kids’ nutrition

*  Key Trend 7: We’re all turning Japanese

*  Key Trend 8: Beauty from within – a marketing trend with many angles and wrinkles

*  Key Trend 9: The marketing power of ‘naturally healthy’

*  Key Trend 10: Functional foods and health – who really gets the benefits?

The report demonstrates Mellentin’s in-depth knowledge of the business of food, nutrition and health as well as his careful and considered monitoring of product developments, sales figures and marketing tactics. It makes confident and assured predictions about the ongoing development of functional foods stating that weight-management, mood, digestive-health and “inner beauty” will be key health foci for product developments. And, using recent data provided by research firms such as Global Nutrition Group and IRI, Mellentin draws parallels between the Japanese market for functional foods and similar markets in the West. His strong recommendation is that food and ingredients companies based in the West cast their eyes towards Japan in order to glean practical lessons for the development, production and marketing of their own functional foods.

Ten Key Trends 2007 astutely points out that successful strategies in kids’ nutrition will need to target kids’ brains and bowels, offering health benefits in the form of fruit and/or beverage products that are marketed and packaged to appeal to kids and their health conscious parents. Ending with a caution, Mellentin acknowledges the undeniably important role the food and beverage industries play in modern society. He asks how key food industry stakeholders can positively influence the widening nutritional divide between socio-economic groups.

Written in a clear, detailed and easy-to-read style and illustrated with colour photographs of products and marketing materials, as well as charts and tables, Ten Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2007 may also be used as a practical, strategic guide by companies working in the business of food and health. 

New Nutrition Business is a unique international organisation that provides research, analysis and forecasting of the global nutrition business. With offices in London, Finland and New Zealand the company is the only global specialist in the business of nutrition. You can find out more at www.new-nutrition.com

Julian Mellentin is editor of the organisation’s nutrition journal New Nutrition Business and is co-author of the best-selling book Functional Foods Revolution, Healthy People, Healthy Profits?, which has been translated into Japanese, and also co-author with Peter Wennström of Commercialising Innovation: The Food & Health Marketing Handbook. Please visit our products page at http://www.new-nutrition.com/OurProducts.asp for further information. 

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Five Key Trends in Kids' Nutrition 2007 

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In a world in which health is becoming a standard for the entire food and beverage industry, one of the current challenges (and a fecund opportunity) lies in the kids’ nutrition market.  

Since 2004 Julian Mellentin has been providing food and beverage industry companies with critical analysis and in-depth research focused on the world of kids’ nutrition. Through his insights, multinational corporations and small, independent start-ups have gained practical advice about how they can best apply their business and marketing strategies to this still burgeoning, under-developed area of the nutritional market.

Drawing on concrete examples of successful business strategies employed by some of the major companies working in the area of kids’ nutrition, Mellentin has identified five key trends that will have the most impact on the future of the kids’ nutrition market. 

The five key trends in kids’ nutrition for 2007 are:

*  Key Trend 1: Free-from and natural is the future of kids’ food

*  Key Trend 2: Healthy snacking – the boundaries between health, convenience and indulgence break down

*  Key Trend 3: Better brains with Omega-3 

*  Key Trend 4: Fibre and probiotics for better bowels

*  Key Trend 5: It’s all about beverages

Using real case studies from Europe the US, Australia and Japan, and illustrated with graphs, charts and full-colour photographs of products, Five Key Trends in Kids’ Nutrition 2007 is a veritable guidebook for your company – those who don’t take note of the trends identified may find themselves lost in the outskirts of the vibrant, challenging and potent world of kids’ nutrition.


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