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Issue 13, Oct-Nov 1999


From the editor



Buying and selling

The Bunya Diary

A note on sending Bunya (and other foodstuffs!) to WA

Some notes from the discussion group online

Interesting species: Lady Apple: Syzygium suborbiculare

Growth forms of Acacias Suitable For SE Queensland Gardens

Uses of Acacia lysiphloia

Australian Dry-zone Acacias for Human Food

Wattleseed - Part 1

Information underload

First Queensland Bushfood Association Meeting

A Forgotten Naturalist of the 19th and 20th Centuries : Florenz Bleeser By Christine Jones

Why we should commercialise and cultivate native plants

Grow your own - The gardening options for Aboriginal people on the Central Coast

Visions of sustainability within the bush food industry on the north coast of NSW

The Northern Bushfood Association

Book Review

The Wild Harvest of Wild Orange

From the Bushfood Starter Kit - Bunya


Snippets from the bushfood discussion group on the net...

Places on the Net..


Bushfood Plants Found here...

Flowering patterns of Australian acacia spp. (Excel - .xlsx)