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Issue 17

Bushfoods at the Hilton

Chef and contributor the magazine, Brian Lizotte, has just returned from an Australian Native Food Promotion in Dubai. Brian was a guest chef for two weeks at the Hilton Dubai and found the response from other chefs and diners was 'astounding'. Of the 36 international chefs Brian worked with, only 1 had ever come across Australian native produce previously. Brian, who owns and run Lizotte's on the Bay in Hardys

Bay (NSW) was bubbling on his return, 'They were just astounded at what we had and how little people know of it. Their enthusiasm was just amazing. I can really foresee big things for our native foods here.' Brian said. The promotion was so successful that it may become a twice yearly event. Whether it does or not, the two week native food promotion will do great things for our bushfood industry.

From the Hilton menu:

Baked ricotta with bush tomato

Wattle seed and orange hummus

Crispy emu proscuito with sweet grilled melon

Freshly steamed asparagus spears with Lemon myrtle hollandaise

Salad with a range of dressings - Lemon aspen, Forest berry, Sesame wild lime and soy, Macadamia nut and Kakadu plum Lemon myrtle chicken curry on Munthari rice pilaf

Charred kangaroo fillet with Dorrigo pepper and red wine jus or quandong chilli sauce

Riberry and white chocolate bombe

Wild lime and blue gum honey cheesecake

Munthari bread and butter pudding, Lemon ironwood syrup and wattle cream...

and more. Brian can be contacted on 02 4360 1600 or brian@lizotte.com.au.