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Issue 17

The Conservation and Utilisation Potential of Australian Dryland Acacias: 

13-14 July 2001

A symposium on the conservation and utilisation of dry!and Acacias will be held in Dalwallinu. WA. on July 13th and 14th this year. 

This symposium aims to explore the environmental and economic potential of' Australian dryland Acacias and in particular the role that these species may play in helping solve some of the serious problems currently confronting many communities and ecosystems, both within Australia and abroad. Many areas in southern Australia are currently experiencing serious land degradation and increasing salinity, caused primarily by past clearing of native vegetation for agriculture. Acacias may have an important role to play in reversing this cycle of land deterioration. 

The symposium will look, at Acacia usage in: 

multipurpose tree crop systems (salinity control, bioenergy, etc) 

landscape amelioration & nature conservation; Sandalwood silviculture: tourism & horticulture 

seed for human consumption 

secondary plant products (tannin, gum) 

For further information and to register your interest in attending, contact: Bruce Maslin Ph.93340510

 Email: brucern@cahn.wa.gov.au or Shire of Dalwallinu Ph 9661 1001 Email: dallyshire@wa.gov.com .au www.dalwallinu.wa.gov.au