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Issue 17

From the Ed

My very grateful thanks to the many people who contribute their time and expertise to each issue of this magazine - without you it wouldn't happen.

I would also like to thank the advertisers who support the magazine - may my circulation and your sales prosper and grow!

To end - let us all acknowledge the Indigenous people and their prior knowledge. May we move forward together.

Lights, camera --- more lights! more camera! But where's the action?

Five years ago, I believed there would be a sudden and glittering debut for bushfoods - a sort of glorious launching at which Australia (and the world) would suddenly discover the joys of our native foods and the industry would move, not into mainstream, but perhaps main-tributary.

It didn't seem to happen - or did it? Over the last 12 months there has been a movement beneath our feet which has moved the industry forward with a subtle but noticeable lurch.

A simple search of the net reveals a swag of new processors and restaurants using our native foods, Coles has now entered the sector with a joint venture with Aboriginal groups. Demand for many species is growing and, perhaps more importantly, commercial quantities of some species is on the rise. There is also (though this is not based on formal research) growing interest from the 'conventional' primary production sector. This can only be good for us all in the long run. Many important research projects funded by RIRDC (about the only body funding bushfoods research at present) are now complete and available to all.

So where to from here?

If I knew that, I would be forming a dot.com to take advantage of my foreward knowledge. As I don't, I am quite content to continue publishing a magazine which is, increasingly, having trouble keeping up with 'the news'.

It's a nice problem to have.

On another note - this may seem a very wordy issue but there are some important issues on hand at present and it would behove us all to stay abreast of these things. And to contribute to the debate. Happy planting to you all.


Just had to misspell that so I could correct it in the next oops box!

Diemen Pepper

Issue 15 of the magazine - page 32. Thanks for the plug for our Tapas Oil.

One small thing which might frustrate people trying to get in touch: our email server is tassie.net.au, two `s's.

Best regards, Chris, Diemen Pepper