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Issue 17

Plants, Products & Prices

Mothar Mountain Bush Foods

We grow and sell a wide range of Australian native bush food plants.

In addition, we stock rainforest cabinet timber species as well as native flowering trees and shrubs. We sell retail and wholesale and will grow on contract if large quantities are re­quired. Our bushfood species include:

Davidsons Plum (Davidsonia prunens var. jerseyana)

Bolwarra (Eupomatia launna and bennettii

Native Tamarind Small-leaved Tamarind (Diploglottis australis) (Diploglottis campbellii

Cedar Bay Cherry (Eugenia reinwardtiana

Eastern Pigface (Carpobrotus glaucescens)

Finger Lime  (Citrus australasica)

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora

Silver Aspen (Acronychia wilcoxiana

Millaa Millaa Vine (Elaeagnus inflora)

Broad-leaf Lilly Pilly (Acmena henidampra)

Blue Quandong  (Elaeocarpus angustifolia

Banana Bush (Tabemaemontana pandacaqui

Plum Pine (Podocarpus elatus)

Bunya Pine (Araucana bidwillii)

Sandpaper Fig (Ficus fraseri)

Riberry (Syzygium luehmannii)

Midyim (Austromyrtus dulcis)

Lilly Pilly (Syzgium australe)

Creek Sandpaper Fig (Ficus coronata)

We stock many other rare, unusual and seasonal species. Please contact us or arrange to visit our nursery by appointment. Ph: (07) 54835045. email: mmbushfoods@spiderweb.com.au


Willow Creek Farm Bush Cuisine

Current Price list, Sept 2000 Wholesale

Bush Tomato Chutney  180g net $3.95 40g $1.60

Spicy Bush Tomato Sauce        250ml $4.50     40g $1.60

Quandong & Apricot Chutney  180g net $4.50 40g $1.60

Lemon Myrtle & Native Pepper Dressing          250m  $3.50

Lemon Myrtle & Pepper Vinegar          250m 1 $3.10

Wild Lime Marmalade  100g net $3.20           40g $1.60

Lilli Pilly Conserve        100g net $3.20

Quandong& Ginger Jam  100g net $3.95  40g $1.60

Lemon Myrtle & Native Pepper Seasonal  100g net $4.50 (Shaker-swing Top Bottle)

Bush Tomato & Native Pepper Seasonal  100g net $4.50 (Shaker - Swing Top Bottle)

Roasted Wattleseed - ground    100g net $5.95 (Shaker - swing top Bottle)

Wild Lime Syrup          375ml $4.50

Prices subject to change without notification. Large orders a discount may apply. G5T Free Lt 74-33 Fiddlewood Dr. Freelings SA 5372

Ph/Fax: 0885 252610


Tanamera Bush Foods Plantation Provenance Seeds Hunt Rd., McLaren Flat, S.A. 5171. Ph. (08) 8383 0374 


PRODUCT                                          Price/kg            Price/kg (5 kg or more) 

BUSH TOMATO   Whole dried         40.00           32.00

Dried & ground                                    50.00       38.00

LEMON MYRTLE Whole fresh leaf    30.00

Whole dried leaf                                   40.00

Dried & ground leaf                              50.00

MOUNTAIN PEPPER Whole fresh leaf            50.00

Dried & ground leaf                              70.00

MUNTRIES Fresh or frozen                 25.00   20.00

Garnish sprigs                                       20.00   18.00 

QUANDONGS Frozen halves or pulp    30.00   27.00 

WARRIGAL GREENS    Fresh leaf       12.00   10.00

Tips of leaf & soft stems                          10.00   8.00 

WATTLE SEED (Acacia victonae)   Whole dried     25.00   20.00

Dried raw & ground                                 35.00   30.00

Whole dried & roasted                             40.00   35.00

Dried roasted & ground                            45.00   40.00 

NOTE: The above are farm gate prices. Prices are subject to change without notice.

A few good sites on the internet...

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Australian Dry-zone Acacias for Human Food:

www.ffp.csiro.au/tigr/atscmain/ whatwedo/publications/ acfoodbk.htm

Australian Native Gourmet foods from the Bush:

www.shopaustral1a.com.au/ shoptuck.html

Australian New Crops Home Page: www.uq.edu.au/—gagkrego

Blue Gum Fine Foods: www.users.bigpond.com/ matterhorn.htm

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Bushfoods of Qld: www.dpi.qld.gov.au/dpinotes/veg­etation/vegetation.html#bush 

Food Values&Australian Bush Foods: www.dhn.csiro.au/foodcomp.html 

Lemon myrtle the essential oil: www.ffp.csiro.au/publicat/articles/ lemon.htm

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Quandong: www.biodiversity.environment.gov.au/ plants/manageme/maldong.htm 

Red Ochre Grill: www.redochre.com.au

RIRDC New Plant Products: www.rirdc.gov.au/programs/ npp.html#components

SGAP Quandong, wild lime: www.slio.riv.com.au/SGAP/ 

Taste of the Bush: www.arts.unimelb.edu.au/amu/ucr/ student/l 997/sliva/

Witjuti - Australian Bush Tucker: www.sofcoi-n.com.au/mall/witjuti/


Quality Australian Produce

Wholesaler of Australian Foods

For sale:

Quandongs and Quandong pulp

Value added products:

Quandong Chili Sauce Quandong Chutney

Bush Tomato Relish      Wattleseed & Native Pepper Mustard

Macadamia Satay Sauce Game meats and products Wanted:

Grower-direct bushfoods

Ph: 08 9325 6600. Fax: 08 9325 6604 email: sales@fresheronly.com.au