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Issue 17, Autumn 2001


Green Farmhouse -flavours you can taste!

Having been a little critical of some of the products I've taste-tested recently, it was a pleasure to come across a range which is not only beautifully presented but actually has some exciting flavours!

green farmhouse has produced a range which includes Mustards, Sauces, Chutneys and Jams, made with such native foods as Pepperleaf, Wattleseed, Kurrajong seed, Quandong, Lemon myrtle, Lilli Pilli, and Muntries.

The two samples they sent me were the Boobialla Bush Seasoning and the Corroboree Bush Seasoning. The packaging's interesting and very professional (it works well, too!) but the real pleasure was getting into what was inside! Corroboree Dust was my favorite - but then I like it spicy! This certainly has a distinct nip to it - not so strong as to be uncomfortable but enough to let you know it's there. I imagine the tang comes from the pepperleaf - that distinctive native pepper flavour certainly came through. Interestingly enough, this product also includes kurrajong seed and dried Kangaroo apple (I'm not sure which species). I use it with abandon on sandwiches, soup, quiche - almost anything that's not sweet!

The slightly milder and more mellow Boobialla Bush Seasoning is certainly the sprinkle of choice for such dishes as chicken and fish. The warmth of the wattleseed comes through, highlighted by pepperleaf and grounded with garlic and traditional spices.

Years ago when I first tasted some of our unique native flavours, I said that there was a range of delightful sprinkles just waiting to happen, green farmhouse have shown me how right I was.

New Bushfood Seasonings For Sale

CORROBOREE DUST with the heat of the inland is a great way to enhance the flavours of all red meats whether baked barbecued or stir fried As the name suggests, this is a red spice using native pepperleaf, dried kangaroo apple, Kurrajong seeds and other spices


milder, like our coastal climates, an added dimension to white meats fish and vegetables- it is a combination of wattle seed, native pepperleaf and conventional spices.

COOLAMON HERBS, specifically developed for seafood cookery will soon be released (all 40gm jars)

For orders: Ph.08 87352043,

Fax. 08 87352090

email. gfh@ seol.net,au