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Issue 4, Oct-Nov 1997


  • Laurie Capill
  • Vic Cherikoff
  • Ken Dyer
  • Bradley Field
  • Rob Fletcher
  • Gil Freeman
  • Dr Beth Gott
  • Nik Hulse
  • Brian King
  • John King
  • Peter Lewis
  • John Mason
  • Pat & Sym Simons

This magazine is dedicated to the traditional owners of this land. I would like to acknowledge their part in our discovery of the wealth which we are only now beginning to appreciate.

In this Issue

From the Editor

Choosing Acacia Species for Bushtucker

Harvest and Post Harvest

A walk In the Park

The Southern Bushfoods Association

Acacia ~ research, field trials and databases

Kangaroo Meat

Extracts from 'The Bushfoods Handbook' - Vic Cherikoff

Bush Foods in History Series 3 - honey from native bees

Notes: Acacia - John Mason

Wattles and Marathons

Tucker & Timber: Integrating Bushfoods

Bush food plants of western Queensland

Bunyas and the whole farm plan - John King

Products & People: Basically Wild Edible Art

Protecting New Bushfood Varieties

Profile: Oliver Carter: Mr Lilly Pilly

Book Reviews

DOOR Marketing

Tasting Australia





Indigenious Roasts

From the Bookshop

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