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Issue 10  



(please note - I have kept this list as it was at the time of publication - for up-to-date info on groups, go to www.ausbushfoods.com)

ARBIA (no longer active)

(Australian Rainforest Bushfoods Industry Association)

The Secretary

PO Box 6407

S. Lismore 2480

Message Bank: 017 924 196


Membership: $60 p.a. full voting


$40 p.a. non-voting associate member

Newsletter (4 per year).

Native Food Growers Group Inc

Elizabeth Shannon

1358 Triamble Rd

Hargraves NSW 2850

Fax: 0263 738 636

Queensland Bushfood Cooperative Ltd

Secretary: David Cooke

PO Box 358

Beerwah Qld 4519

Ph: 07 54 946 037

South East Sustainable Bushfood Industry Group

Secretary: Terence Carpenter

443 Kameruka Lane

Candelo NSW 2550

Ph: 02 64 932 227

Fax: 0264 932 225

Southern Bushfood Association

President: David Thompson,

RMB 7390A Wartook VIC 3401

Ph/fax: 03 5383 6247

email: dinkumfare@hotmail.com

General membership: $35 pa

Commercial membership: $50 pa

6 newsletters per year

Arid Land Growers Association Inc

Graham Herde

Nectar Brooks Station via

Port Augusta

SA 5700

Ph: 08 8634 7 077

Southern Vales Bushfood

Michael Brandwood:

PO Box 344


SA 5157

Ph: 08 8383 6481

Australian Native Bee Research Centre

Promotes the preservation and enjoyment of Australian native bees. Publishes 'Aussie Bee'.

PO Box 74

North Richmond, NSW 2754

Fax: 02 4576 1196

email: anbrc@zeta.org.au

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Association


Ph: 03 5966 7 333

Fax: 03 5966 7433

Bio-Dynamic Farming & Gardening Assoc. in Aust

PO Box 54 BELLINGEN NSW 2454 Ph: (066) 55-0404

Fax: (066) 55-0399

Biological Farmers of Australia


ACT 2601

Ph: (076) 393 299

Fax: (076) 393 755

Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS)

PO Box 347 Dickson, ACT 2602

email: cogs@netspeed.com.au

Organic Herb Growers of Australia Inc

P.O. Box 6171 SOUTH LISMORE NSW 2480. Ph: (066) 291 057

Tree Crops Centre

PO Box 27, Subiaco, WA 6008

Phone: (08) 9388 1965

Fax: (08) 9388 1852

Australian Quandong Industry Association Inc

President: Graham Herde

PO Box 236

Upper Sturt, SA 5156

Ph/Fax: 088 634 7077

Fraser Coast Essential Oils Association

PO Box 26

Maryborough QLD 4650

Assists in the growing and distillation of Australian natives.

Ph: 07 4121 4588

Fax: 07 4121 4566

Henry Doubleday Research Ass.

816 Comleroy Rd Kurrajong NSW 2758

Est. 1970 to promote organic methods and principles in gardening and farming.

Great newsletter.


From the Ed



Bunyas disappoint this season

Bees and Bushfoods`Do Lunch'

Emissions Trading Discussion Papers

Questionnaire results

NHT Funding

Australian Sandalwood ~ Graham & Iris Herde

Eremocitrus glauca ~ The Editor

Eucalyptus - edible and useful ~ Christine Jones

Tasmanian bushfoods

Mulching improves tree growth

'Synthetic' crops ~ Rob Fletcher

The Growing Cycle ~ Mary Meadows

Grower's Notes ~ Wandu Yerta

Bunya ~ Peter Lewis

Pouteria (syn. planchonella) ~ David Sommerville


Bushfoods & Farm Forestry ~ Margaret Bailey

Native Bees ~ Dr Anne Dollin

Book Review

Broken Hill Project ~ Steve Ross

Quandong ~ AQIA

What's it taste like? Akadjura

Quickies from the Editor...Riberries

Famous Palates

The Value Adders




What Fruiting?


Reconciliation Gardens

Bushfood Plants Found here...

VIC: Melbourne

St Kilda Indigenous Nursery

Coastal species - phone for full

species list.

03 9645 2477

525 Williamstown Rd,

Port Melbourne

QLD: Cairns (Atherton Tableland)

Yuruga Native Plants

Specialist growers of native plants (including bushfoods) for Northern Aust. Phone for price list:

07 4093 3826

Kennedy Hway, Walkamin 4872

QLD: Yeppoon

Yeppoon Rainforest Nursery

Native rainforest species.

Bushfood plants. W'sale & retail

Ph/fax: 0749 393 963

Mobile: 0419 683 157

PO Box 109 Yeppoon 4703

Qld, Brisbane

Edible Landscapes

Permaculture nursery with a large range of edible native and rainforest plants

37 Bangalla St, Auchenflower

Ph: 07 3870 3872

NSW - Northern NSW

Cornucopia Nursery

Wide range of species

55 Station St, Mullumbimby NSW 2482.


web site:


email: botanica@mullum.com.au

S.E. Qld: Tallebudgera

Bush Nuts Native Nursery

A propagation/wholesale nursery with over 200 rainforest and rainforest margin species

64 Syndicate Rd

Tallebudgera Valley 4228

Ph/fax: 0755 338 105

NSW: South Coast

South Coast Flora

Species suitable for temperate/cool climates, including: Illawarra plum, Mountain pepper, Cool climate Syzygium spp, native herbs and teas.

146 Dignam's Creek Rd, Via Cobargo NSW 2550

Phone: 026 493 6747

SA, Port Augusta

Nector Brook Discovery Plantation

Santalum spicatum (Australian Sandalwood) Propagated to order for Autumn and Spring planting. In biodegradable tubes with host plants. $3.50 each.

Box 393 Port Augusta 5700

Ph/Fax: 0886 347 077

NSW: Kenthurst

Royston Petrie Seeds

Large range of edible Acacia+

Bunya Pine, Brachychiton, Cissus, Syzygium, Lomandra, Macadamia, Podocarpus, Santalum.

Phone for full seed list.

Ph: 02 9654 1186.

Fax: 02 9654 2658

77 Kenhurst Rd, Kenthurst, NSW 2156


Seed of Warrigal Greens

(Tetragonia tetragonoides)

100 seed pack: $2.50 posted

200 seed pack: $3.50 posted

Through the magazine:

38 Mountain View Rd

Maleny Qld 4552

Lemon Myrtle Ground Leaf

$1.80 for 15gm resealable jar, $50 per kilo. Premium quality. Certified ANSAS (chemical residue free) and processed to HACCP standard.


Bushfoods of Australia on

02 6687 1005

Barung Landcare Nursery...

carries a wide selection of rainforest bushfood species.

Contact us for a listing:

Ph: 07 5494 3151

Fax: 07 5494 3141

email: barung@sun.big.net.au

Do you want to learn more about our beautiful

Australian flora?

Join the Society for Growing Australian Plants (S.G.A.P.)

 For membership enquiries:

Mrs Cherree Densley

9390 Princes H'way

Killarney 3282 (03) 5568 7226




(Syzygium luehmannii)

and Bush Tomato

(Solanum centrale)

Call Karlee on

0266 871 005


Garden Design and Consultancy

Bushfood horticulture

consultant and specialist grower of Tasmanian Native Plants.

Kris Schaffer

Dip. Art., Cert. Hort., MAIH


03 6239 1575

Mobile: 041958 7139


Are you buying or selling? Be seen here. Call, fax or email to find out how easy it is.

Sammy. Ph: 07 54 943 812. Fax: 07 54 943 506. email: bushfoods@optusnet.com.au



What's Fruiting?

By no means an exhaustive list ...

Acacia aulacocarpa

Acacia falcata

Acmena smithii

Acronychia acidula, wilcoxiana

Alectryon tomentosa

Billardieria scandens

Brachychiton acerifolius

Diploglottis campbellii

Eugenia reinwardtiana

Eupomatia laurina

Ficus coronata

Ficus superba

Pleiogynium timorense

Podocarpus elatus

Syzygium australe, coryanthum, hodginkinsonia, oleosum

Tasmannia lanceolata

Web sites:

Aboriginal/bushfood bibliography:


A taste of the bush:


Australian Dry-zone Acacias for Human Food:


Australian Flora Bush Foods links:


Bush food production :


Australian Native Fine Food Pty Ltd:


Cuisines of Australia (Vic Cherikoff):


Greening Australia - Queensland:


Bush Food Links:


Bush Food Links:


Bush Food Plants for Northern NSW:


Bush food production:


Danekas Kangaroo & Oz Food Discussion Forum:


Emerging Indigenous Crops of Australia:


Mother Natures Bush Tucker:


Muntari Wild Food Plants


RIRDC home:


The Society for Growing Australian Plants:


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Reconciliation Gardens

"How can we know these people if we do not know their stories?

How can we walk together if we have not shared

something with them?"

This is a very simple concept - the creation of reconciliation bushfood gardens throughout the country. Those these gardens, and their stories, can only be designed by Aboriginal people, the creation of the physical gardens can and should be a shared experience.

How Can it Be Done?

The magazine is calling for expressions of interest from anyone who wants to be part of the Reconciliation Gardens program.

At the moment, everything is needed - but mainly support and enthusiasm. A Reconciliation Garden Association will be formed so that appropriate funding can be sought and a representative committee formed.

Our first step is to gain the approval and support of the people themselves. Is this an appropriate way in which we can come to work together?

The next step is to get support, funding and sponsorship. Nurseries, local councils, Landcare groups, Rotary - we won't be asking for support, but suggesting they become involved.

The magazine has begun a campaign to keep the media involved and intrigued and this will continue.

The magazine has built up a species list and is linking this to various regions and groups.

The magazine has also put together a small information packaging for interested people -

so if you feel you can be part of the Reconciliation Gardens concept, please contact us for further details.

Ph: 07 5494 3812. Fax: 07 5494 3506.

email: sammy@ausbushfoods.com

52 Palm St, , Maleny, Qld, 4552