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Issue 11 June- July 1999


Bush Flavours - A Sweet Success

Tasmania is famous for its innovative specialist food producers.

One such producer is `The Fudge A'Fare', nestled on a hill amongst tall eucalypt trees overlooking the D'Entrecastaux Channel and Bruny Island south of Hobart. The area is close to the Huon Forests and World Heritage areas.

The owners, Sue Melzler and Greg Pitt, have been making fudges since moving to Tasmania in 1995. They previously owned a restaurant in the Adelaide Hills. Sue's background as a chef and Greg's as a craftsman/designer brings to the partnership a multi skilled approach that is complimentary. They work as a team, each with their specialties but being interchangeable as needed. It is from their diverse skills and backgrounds that their innovative and oft times funky approach comes to their work.

In their licensed kitchen on their two and a half ha bush property they produce 22 varieties of fudge of uncompromising flavours. The range includes 6 bush flavours. Amongst the range are fudges that have won medals in the Royal Hobart Show - Fine Foods Competition including "Best Confectionary, Gold, two silver, and a bronze.

In June, Drysdale House TAFE took samples of Fudge A'Fare fudges including 3 bush flavours to Tokyo and Osaka to present to the food industry there as part of their Hospitality Training Programme.

The fudges are very special, made using a high chocolate content and an unusual process to make a soft luscious fudge. It is then coated and hand decorated to create an eye-catching effect with a mouth watering indulgent taste. Generous additions of fruits and nuts adds to the enjoyment.


Their bush range includes:

Lemon Myrtle, Native Peppermint, Macadamia Nut, Aniseed Myrtle, Leatherwood Honey and Roasted Wattleseed.

These fudges are made using ground leaf, ground seed, crushed nut or honey to achieve a taste and colours that reflects their origins from the land. The leatherwood uses honey that is produced almost next door and makes a fudge that is a white chocolate lovers dream.

The fudges are at present mostly sold in Tasmania but The Fudge A'Fare is hoping to expand to the mainland states soon.

Enquiries 0362921 055

.Photo: Jan Tilden

Editor's comment - heaven!! Zit city. Your dentist will love them!!

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Book Review

"Selected Plant Food Species and Bush Food Crops"

compiled by Christine A. Jones, and

"An Annotated Bibliography of Native Australian Bush Foods" compiled by Christine A. Jones

I am thrilled each time I come across a new bushfood resource - and these two from Christine Jones have become very welcome additions to my growing bookshelf.

Selected Plant Food Species is broken into two sections - the first contains a very extensive listing of edible native foods while the second section has food and medicinal plants and a number of articles on selected species.

An Annotated Bibliography has become a regular feature on my desk - this would be by far the most exhaustive bibliography of bushfood and related titles ever compiled. It contains not just the obvious books and articles but literally hundreds of other references gathered over a long period of time. Once again the book is broken into sections - the first lists bushfood books, the second bushfood articles, the third general reference books and the fourth general reference articles. The fifth section is a listing of bushfood crops.

Christine also has a publication on native grasses of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Murrarylands (SA) areas not reviewed and she is working on a Fodder and Bushfood crop reference for revegetation in dryland salinity and non-wetting sands in SA.

I salute the time and effort which Christine has put into these two invaluable references and encourage readers to make use of them.

Selected Plant Food Species and Bush Food Crops - $15 including postage.

An Annotated Bibliography of Native Australian Bush Foods - $20 including postage.

Order from the author:

Christine A. Jones, PO Box 131, Strathalbyn SA 5255





Syzygium leuhmannia - Riberry


Extract from:

'Selected Plant Food Species and Bush Food Crops'

Some Syzygium Species Notes

Syzygium Suborbicularis

This plant species, related to the lilly-pilly, is indigenous to Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory. The Aborigines used this species for medicinal purposes, finding it a very effective agent in treating stomach pains.

The fruit of the Syzygium are reddish berries. The plant prefers a well composted, well drained, moist soil, in a protected sunny position for optimum growth. It is drought and frost tender. An evergreen tree it grows to a height of 10m with a spread of 3m. It has an erect branching stem, the leaves are circular, opposite and 15cm across. It has striking white flowers, sized about 5cm across.

Syzygium moorei

The succulent fruit of this lilly-pilly are coloured white tinged with green. They are about 6.5cm across. It is unknown at this stage whether the fruit is edible.

Planchonia careya

This plant was used extensively by Aboriginal people as both a food and as a herbal medicine for ulcers and sores. It is often known as `Cocky apple' and shares the common names of `bush mango' and `wild quince'. It is indigenous to Northern and Western Australia.

The fruit are the size of a small apple and only ripe fruit should be eaten. Those must have a soft yellow pulp to be eaten. The pulp and the seeds are sucked out.

Fruits are 5cm across, while the deciduous tree itself grows to 2Om with a spread of 5m. It has an erect stem and spreading branches, with alternate, tapering leaves about 15cm long. It is drought and frost tender.



From John King...

A lot of my fans have requested that I give out my Cheese cake recipe. Well here it finally is.

The Bush Cuisine Healthy (?) Cheese Cake


Base - 100grams ground Macadamia Nuts

50 grams Butter

2 Tablespoons Macadamia Nut Oil

50 grams Sugar

1 cup plain flour Base Cheese Mixture

500 grams Ricotta Cheese

375 grams Silken Tofu

4 Large Eggs

150 grams Sugar Cheese Flavouring

2 Large Kitchacontu Leaves (Strawberry Tea Tree Leaf) ground fine OR

1/2 cup Desert Limes, whole fruit puree in blender, or any fruit in syrup

1/2 cup Desert Lime cordial, delete if using fruit in syrup

100 grams Sugar

1 Tablespoon Potato Flour Jelly Topping

2 cups Fruit in syrup, for the Kc flavouring

I use Limes, for the Lime I use Lilly Pilly

2 heaped teaspoons of Agar Agar powder Base, mix all ingredients to coarse crumb stage, and press into baking pan with a round of baking paper in bottom of pan. Bake in medium oven till brown. Cheese Mix, mix all ingredients in large mixing bowl and pour onto cooled baked crust. Bake until lightly browned on top. Jelly Topping, place fruit and Agar Agar powder in saucepan and bring to the boil. As soon as boiling pour on top of cooled cheese cake in baking pan. Cool in baking pan till next day, run a knife around inside of pan to remove cake. Fruit in syrup, 1 cup fruit, 1 cup sugar, 1/2  cup water. Mix all ingredients in pan and boil until fruit is soft. Can be done and placed in preserving jars in advance. Love and Good Eating -

John R. King Bush Cuisine

And from John Wrench - a little Pudding

Bunya bauple cream

Boiled bunyas, blended    

Cordia dichotma - Glue Berry

Macadamia oil (or other vegetable oil)

Davidson plum

Acronychia wilcoxiana, oblongifolia or laevis

Lemon, aniseed or cinnamon myrtle


Boil and squash the Cordia fruit and put through a sieve to remove seed.

Add macadamia oil - about 25%-30% of the volume of the glue berry juice

Add blended bunya and reblend this mixture till you get a thick cream consistency.

High speed blending is necessary for the real creaminess.

Poach the Davidson plum with Acronychia fruit and sugar.

Swirl the 'cream' over the poached bunyas and serve cold.

Note that frozen bunyas will also have a slight granularity - use fresh if possible.

Some Menu Ideas from Australian Native Fine Foods...

  • Botany Bay warrigal green tartlet with a native thyme wild rice.

  • Condiments - try native pepperberries or gumleaf oil or akudjura in whipped butter, or akudjura in tomato paste.

  • Rack of lamb with a rainforest herb and macadamia nut/warrigal pesto.

  • Oysters Van Dieman with wedges of Tasmanian brie rolled in mountain pepper.

  • Sydney Salad - mesclun mix with lemon myrtle dressing.


  • Lemon myrtle - use as a pre-dust on chicken (or fish)

  • Aniseed myrtle - also as a pre-dust on chicken or fish

  • Akudjura can be used in a crumb coating or batter adding salt as an enhancer or blending with cheese powder and dried powdered tomato.

  • Native mint - a general savoury flavouring recommended as a pre-dust on lamb or chicken and even over tomatoes.

Cocktail Items

  • Akudjura tapinade and bush tomato oil

  • Bunya nut slivers

  • Aniseed myrtle fetta

  • Gumleaf smoked salmon and salmon pate

  • Scallops soused in native peppermint wine vinegar

  • Native minted lamb pies and spreadable Kakadu plum with garlic

  • Cootamundra bush bread with native pepperberry butter topped with roast beef

  • BBQ prawns basted with brandied spreadable rosella sauce

  • Saut_ed King prawns with a wild lime and ginger glaze

  • Aniseed myrtle barramundi fish cakes with sweet rosella chilli sauce

Sauces / Condiments / Dressings / Miscellaneous / Dry Seasonings notes on Sauces and Sauce ideas

  • Aniseed myrtle oil

  • Bush tomato dressing

  • Davidson's plum chutney

  • Illawarra plum chilli sauce

  • Spicy Illawarra plum chutney

  • Garlic Kakadu plum dipping sauce

  • Lemon aspen anglais

  • Lemon aspen honey soy

  • Light Lemon myrtle mayonnaise

  • Lemon myrtle butter sauce

  • Mountain pepper and native thyme sauce

  • Mountain pepper BBQ sauce

  • Munthari and mushroom sauce

  • Native pepperberry and strawberry juice dressing

  • Picked Kakadu plums

  • Quandong dipping sauce

  • Wattle and red wine sauce

  • Wild lime garnishings (soaked small wild limes)

  • Wild lime and munthari meat jam

  • Illawarra plum and roasted garlic sauce

  • Mountain pepper and wattle sauce

  • Wattle and red wine sauce

  • Wattle and orange sauce

  • Wattle, mushroom and cream

  • Lemon aspen, honey and soy glaze/marinade

  • Lemon aspen and ginger sauce

  • Lemon myrtle and macadamia nut cream sauce

  • Bush tomato and basil salsa

  • Desert-dried bush tomato beurre blanc

  • Desert-dried bush tomato and olive tapinade

  • Wild lime, shittake, lemon myrtle and cream

  • Wild lime and munthari meat jam

  • Wild lime and orange hollandaise

  • Munthari and onion

  • Riberry jus

  • Quandong and chilli

  • Quandong, burgundy and butter sauce

  • Native pepperberry and sweet corn in a port jus

  • Garlic and gumleaf butter sauce


o Lemon myrtle butter sauce

o Lemon myrtle, white wine and flaked salmon sauce

o Lemon aspen butter sauce

o Roast capsicum and bush tomato sauce

o Corn and native pepperberry sauce

o Hinterland (aniseed myrtle) miso sauce

o Tomato and native mint seafood sauce

o Riverland (native peppermint) sauce

o Bush berry (munthari) butter sauce

o Garlic and gumleaf sauce

o Wattle and white wine sauce

o  Rainforest pasta cream sauce

o Coconut and wattle satay sauce

o Sweet myrtle mustard sauce


o Australian tom yum soup (Thai-style corn and lime soup) (Hot or cold)

o Beetroot and cabbage borsch with mountain pepper and aniseed myrtle

o Butternut pumpkin, macadamia and bunya nut soup

o Chicken consomm_ with outback (akudjura and cheese) (or native mint) dumplings

o Chicken or Fish soup (or clam chowder) with lemon myrtle and ginger

o Chicken soup with bush berries (munthari) and wild mushrooms

o Coconut and wild lemon (lemon myrtle) soup (Hot or cold)

o Cream of mushroom and wattle soup (just add the cream)

o Creamy caramel and gumleaf soup (Hot or cold)

o Duck, orange and wattle soup

o Honey, rhubarb (or beetroot) and wild rosella soup (served with yoghurt) (Hot or cold)

o Hot and spicy lentil soup (with our native peppers and akudjura)

o Lamb, barley (or rainforest herb pasta) and wild mint Scotch broth

o Lemon aspen, honey soy soup

o Miso vegetable soup with lemon myrtle (Hot or cold)

o Onion and bush berry soup (hot or cold)

o Paperbark smoked sweet potato soup

o Rich basil and bush tomato soup (Hot or cold)

o Rich red bean gumbo (with mountain pepper and akudjura)

o Smoky beef or chicken (or potato) and pepperberry soup

o Sweet rainforest (lemon aspen) chilli soup (Hot or cold)

o Thick pumpkin and native thyme soup

o Tomato and wild herb soup (aniseed myrtle OR native mint) (Hot or cold)

o Vegetable and tofu pottage scented with mountain pepper

o Vegetarian, prawn or chicken laksa (Indonesian spicy soup) with lemon myrtle pasta


o Cheesefruit cream on game wrapped figs

o Chicken kebabs marinated with lemon aspen syrup and soy

o Easy lemon aspen, mountain pepper and honey / ginger sauce with Atlantic salmon

o Lemon myrtle sushi

o Gumleaf salmon sushi

o Oyster medley

o Oysters Van Diemen

o Oysters Outback

o Poached Scallops

o Rainforest oysters

o Potato & Watercress Soup - try native pepperberries or Akudjura as flavours

o Damper Bread - Use Bush bread pre-mix or our herbs & spices in bread by your baker of choice.

o Sydney Salad (akudjura sprinkle, lemon myrtle dressing, mountain pepper croutons)

o Salad of king prawn and mango lightly tossed in wild lime dressing

o Tasmanian Salmon Gravlax with a Sweet Myrtle Mustard Sauce

o Roast turkey and sliced peach and native peach salad tossed with grilled macadamias and quandong kernels dressed with a lightly spiced curry

o Blue Swimmer Crab Terrine with a Shellfish and Lemon Aspen Butter Sauce

o Provencale Lamb and Vegetable Terrine, Native Thyme and Artichoke Mayonnaise

o Chilled Seafood Selection with a Lemon Myrtle Cocktail Sauce

o Chicken Consomme with Native Mint Quenelles

o Creamy Mushroom, Crocodile and Wattle Soup

o Vichyssoise - Potato and Leek Cream Soup Garnished with Pepperleaf and Pepperberries

o Italian Style Butternut Pumpkin, Bunya Nut and Red Capsicum Soup

o Warrigal Greens and Native Thyme Soup

o Austro/Malaysian Seafood Laksa (Flavoursome Lemon Aspen & Lemon

o Myrtle Coconut Seafood Soup with the Unique Touch of the Australian Bush)


o Aged beef sirloin enhanced with a splash of lemon aspen syrup

o Austro-Asian style roast pork

o Baby Barramundi and Munthari Butter Sauce

o Balmain Bugs and whiting

o Barramundi Fillet grilled with Braised Fennel and Bush Tomato

o Coulis or TuckerMan(r) Bush Tomato Sauce

o Beef with garlic and gumleaf braised Kangaroo in Red Wine and Native 

o Pepperberries with a roasted Sweet Potato Mash

o Roasted Breast of Chicken with Bowen Mango and wattleseed Macadamia Nut sauce.

o Bunya nut vegetarian pie

o Fillet of beef with native pepper berries

o Paperbark chicken

o Native herbed lamb saddle

o Native thyme crusted kangaroo

o Native pepperberry potato cake

o Native peppermint poached mullet with munthari butter sauce

o Skinned & Boned Flat Head Fillet in Paperbark

o Seared emu with an Illawarra plum and munthari compote

o Sweet lemon aspen prawns on rice

o Yabby ravioli with wild lime and shiitake

o Soused scallops on Rainforest Herb Fettuccine

o Smoked Australian Grain-fed pork fillet and Bushetta

o Grilled John Dory Fillets and Munthari Butter Sauce

o Smoked Atlantic Salmon scented with Garlic and Native Mint

o  Deep - Sea Perch in Paperbark with a Lemon Myrtle Hollandaise and Spanish Onion Jam

o Wild Duck, Smoked and Sauced in Lemon Aspen Honey

o Roast Turkey Breast Served with Munthari Berries and all the trimmings 

o Tandoori Chicken filled with Wattle and Macadamia Nut Mousseline

o Grilled Breast of Chicken Garnished with Bush Tomatoes, Asparagus and Mozzarella Cheese Lamb Fillet with a Garlic and Bunya Nut Paste, Pommes Dauphinoise Topped with Akudjura

o New Season Rack of Lamb with a, Davidson's Plum Port Wine Sauce

o Fillet of Veal with Mustard Pear, Seared Wild Spinach and Pepperberry Sauce

o Grilled Fillet of Beef, Riberry Jus, Double Fried Potatoes

o Standing Rib of Beef, Glazed French Eschalots, Wattle and Red Wine Sauce


o Aniseed myrtle ice cream

o Refried bunya nut pastry

o Crepes

o Creped Crustaceans

o Fruit Tartlett on Rosella Coulis and Wattle King Island Cream

o Gumleaf bavarois

o Lemon myrtle rum baba

o Lemon aspen syrup over saffron pepper cream in a bitter chocolate tuile

o Quandong nut and almond butter

o Quandong Pacman - cocktail item, one per serve

o Rainforest fruit parfait finished with rosella syrup

o Rich chocolate mousse in a lemon myrtle pastry boat floating in a lemon aspen sea

o Sugarbag drizzle

o Lemon aspen ricotta filling

 o Miner's wattled fruit bag

 o Munthari and bread and butter pudding with lemon aspen syrup in ice-cream

 o Wattleseed cream

 o Wattleseed ice-cream

 o Wattleseed pavlova

 o Wild fruit compote