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The 2nd Alice Springs Wildfoods/Bushfoods Experience and Cooking Competition An Alice Desert Festival Event, 2006

Following the success of the 2005 Wildfoods Recipe Competition, this year we are going bigger and better. We invite Alice Springs foodies to create innovative recipes incorporating wildfoods/bushfoods to excite the tastebuds of our panel of judges, and participate in this fun-filled festival event. We've got over $4000 in prizes as well as cups for the winning professional and domestic entries. We can excite your interest and tastebuds too with tastings of Wildfoods/Bushfoods and products made using these ingredients. You can find out more about Wildfoods/Bushfoods of the Centre and take some recipes home to try out yourself. Beat Keller, President, Central Australian Food Group Eugene Ragghianti, General Manager, Alice Desert Festival Two entries from the 2005 competition: ruby saltbush and sago pudding and camel served with quandong sauce Who is involved in organising this Alice Desert Festival signature event, The Alice Springs Wildfoods/Bushfoods Experience and Cooking Competition is brought to you by Alice Desert Festival and the Central Australian Food Group with support from Desert Knowledge Australia, Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, Afghan Traders, Outback Bushfoods, CSIRO and National Science Week. 

What do we mean by Wildfoods/Bushfoods? Bush foods reflect thousands of years of culinary experimentation by Aboriginal people, i.e. finding out what you can eat, how to prepare it, where to find it, how to cultivate it and more. This knowledge has been drawn upon by bush food merchants in Central Australia when introducing these ‘new’ products to Western cuisine and markets. The consumer demand for bush foods is growing. In response, akatyerr (bush tomato) and several wattleseed species are harvested and sold by Aboriginal women. More than 70% of bush tomato production comes from Anmatyerr, Alywarr, Walipiri and other lands in Central Australia. This harvest from wild populations provides important income, employment and livelihoods to these people. It makes a strong contribution to good land care and the maintenance of cultural values in Central Australia. Wildfoods includes bushfoods and also introduced animals and plants that have gone wild. 

So in addition to bush tomato and wattleseed, other ingredients you can use in your recipes include quandongs, kangaroo, camel, bush passionfruit, olives, bush beans, prickly pears, bush bananas. There are also many more wildfoods/bushfoods you can experiment with from other parts of Australia. king competition provides an opportunity for you to display your skills and in recognition of and respect to traditional knowledge and practice, this competition actively food. So why not join in! We assure you that we will do our utmost to provide you with a fair, professional hy your recipe is important? our community to look at different ways of using staurants here can you buy Wildfoods/Bushfoods ingredients? The main outlets in Alice Springs are: Afghan Traders, Alice Springs Desert Park shop, Telegraph Station shop, IGA Northside and Coles. If you know of other outlets in Alice Springs, please let us know. Why a competition? The wildfoods/bushfoods coo creativity. It can also enhance your personal and professional development, improve your cooking standards and help you develop friendships and networks through a shared interest in cooking and Wildfoods/bushfoods. In encourages Aboriginal and non-indigenous participants to have a go, have fun and enjoy goo S and enjoyable competition. 

We are keen to encourage more people in wildfoods/bushfoods at home, and to taste dishes using wildfoods/bushfoods at their local restuarants and cafes, something uniquely Central Australian. Your recipes will be made public after the event to encourage others to have a go too. 

Wildfood/Bushfood product sales support local enterprises and businesses. 

Where and when is the Wildfoods/Bushfoods Experience being held? 

Saturday Aug 12

ALICE DESERT FESTIVAL THANKS THE FOLLOWING PARTNERS Central Australian Food Group, Hanuman's Restaurant, All Seasons Oasis Alice Springs, Novotel Outback Alice Springs, "Ainslies Restaurant & Bar", Alice Springs Resort "Barra on Todd", The Lane, Oscars, Lasseters Hotel Casino "Samphire", Red Ochre Grill Restaurant Blue Grass Restaurant, Bojangles, Overlander Steakhouse, The Windmill Restaurant, The Sport Cafe and Restaurant, Kell staurant, Afghan Traders, Kungkas Can Cook, Outback Bushfoods Galore and Alice Camping, Alice Springs Camera Centre, A Home Like Alice, Alice Hospitality Supplies, Desert Knowledge Australia, Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, CISRO and National Science Week


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