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The Outback Cafe

Australian Premiere Saturday 15 July @ 7.00pm

A mixture of lifestyle and cookery, The Outback Café brings together a vision of Australia as we’ve never quite seen it before; Aboriginal communities, remote locations, bush foods and restaurant cuisine. The Outback Café is a six-part series that takes the viewer on an unprecedented tour through the Australian outback and winds up in a five-star kitchen. It brings together two cultures presented perfectly and delectably on a plate of sumptuous cuisine ready for eating. Overall, The Outback Café is a window on an otherwise unknown world. Mark Olive (aka the “Black Olive”) is an Australian Aboriginal chef with a passion to bring the vibrant colours and earthy tastes of ancient outback food to everyone’s dining table.

In The Outback Café Mark journeys across Australia – showing us breathtaking landscapes and visiting often remote aboriginal communities where people show him the local bush foods in the wild and pass on ancient knowledge about how they’ve been used. He introduces viewers to dozens of outback wonders… flavours like lemon and aniseed myrtle, wild limes, mountain pepper, wild ginger, lemon aspen, acacia seeds, riberries, bush tomatoes and bunya nuts. Then he uses his skills as a chef (acquired over more than twenty years) to cook with them on the show, blending bush flavours with Asian, Italian and other international cuisines to create his own mouth-watering recipes.

His travels take him everywhere from the breathtaking coast of Western Australia to the glorious Great Ocean Road in Victoria... from Queensland’s tropical rainforests to the dazzling world heritage Kakadu National Park. It all adds up to a feast of flavours and scenery.

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