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2006 Desert Fire Symposium

In 2006, when the world celebrates the International Year of Deserts and Desertification, and in Australia, The Year of the Outback, we have a unique opportunity to come together to share and explore all the expertise and creativity that exists in desert regions.

Desert Knowledge Australia and the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre are at the forefront of the world’s knowledge of the desert. Together, they bring you the 2006 Desert Knowledge Symposium and Business Showcase: Global Desert Opportunities.

With the theme of creating business opportunities and sustainable livelihoods for desert people, the 2006 Desert Knowledge Symposium: Global Desert Opportunities will explore and showcase the enterprises, innovations, business opportunities, science, technology, research, solutions, culture, and the collective knowledge held by Australia’s desert regions and beyond.

The Desert Knowledge Symposium will be held in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia from 1-3 November 2006.

The Global Desert

 People have lived and survived in desert regions for tens of thousands of years, where knowledge and ideas have created opportunities and livelihoods, and where this knowledge can be shared with the rest of the world to create a thriving desert economy. This is the global desert.
One third of the world’s land surface is desert and these regions are inhabited by about one billion people or one sixth of the world’s population. In Australia, two-thirds of the country is made up of arid and semi-arid lands. Our nations value these heartlands for their unspoiled, remote and unique environments.

Who is behind the 2006 Desert Knowledge Symposium?

Desert Knowledge Australia is a networking organisation that aims to facilitate thriving desert knowledge economies and a socially and economically sustainable future for desert Australia. Through the building of networks and partnerships across the desert, these thriving economies are being formed in association with other desert regions around the world.

The Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre is a research network linking Indigenous and local knowledge with Western science and research training. It creates opportunities for desert people to live more prosperous and sustainable lives.

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