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Goanna stew is on TV menu 

21 March 2006
Northern Territory News/Sunday Territorian

STEWED goanna, kangaroo tail with Kakadu plums and barra in paperbark aren't on the menu at most restaurants.
But the bush dishes could be the latest culinary craze to appear on TV 
Territory chef Steve Sunk is set to be the subject of a new cooking show featuring food from Top End bush communities.
The master chef, who has been teaching cookery at communities for 10 years, has just finished a book about the bush diet. He got the name "Walalma" or "Walkabout Chef" from his frequent bush trips to hold classes. 
Now the NT Film Office will give Darwin production company Simon Says TV a $4500 provisional grant to get Steve on the air.
The company is looking for corporate funding to make the series, which would feature Steve and traditional owners from various communities showing trainees how to find, hunt and cook bush food.
"I don't suggest we all go crazy and start getting goannas," Steve 
said. "But I want to show people how we can value-add to the food people eat in communities and give them an idea about bush life."
Other NT documentary film projects, Kanyini, about Aboriginal leader 
Bob Randall and Shadows of Uluru, by filmmaker David Curl, also received funding.

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