Issue 1 ~ Mar-Apr 1997

Material reprinted from press releases

Australian Bushfood Federation Formed

The Australian Bushfood Federation has been formed by regional bushfoods organisations.

The Federation is considered the most appropriate structure to represent the developing bushfood industry on a national level.

Due to the efforts of bushfood pioneers, the industry is now recognised as having market potential. Australian cuisine is featured in restaurants and supermarkets. Several bushfood species are being grown in commercial plantations. Each Australian climatic zone has bushfood species being developed, such as Desert lime, Bush tomato and Quandong in the arid zone, Lemon myrtle, Davidson's plum and Riberry in the sub-tropics and Mountain pepper bush, Peppermint gum and Vanilla lily in the temperate climates.

Bushfood associations and co-operatives are currently providing information to growers and the industry, facilitating an open forum for development.

The Australian Bushfood Federation Inc. is registered with the Department of Fair Trading in NSW and invites other democratic bushfood organisations to join.


.ABF Secretariat ARBIA

Sibylla Hess-Buschmann.

Ph: 066 897 433 Fax: 066 897 565 Peter Hardwick. Ph: 017 924 196

Southern Bushfood Network Gil Freeman

Ph/fax: 03 9416 7150

Queensland Bushfood Co-op Society

Eve Fesl.

Ph: 073 888 5219

John King.

Inaugural AGM for ANBIC

ANBIC (the Australian Native Bushfood Industry Council Ltd (ACN 077 458 541), the national peak industry body for Australian native bushfoods, recently held its inaugural General Meeting in Canberra.

Support and interest for the industry came from all points in Australia through proxy votes from as far afield as Western Australia and the Northern Territory, through the attendance of nominated representatives of various regional bushfood associations and through a variety of industry individuals and businesses who were able to attend the meeting.

This General Meeting was the first chance since the May 1996 National Conference for industry members to come together again and discuss and formulate recommendations relating to issues such as:

  • the ongoing role of this national peak industry council;
  • categories of membership and subscription fees;
  • the Council's short and medium term goals; and
  • the broad parameters for national research and development requirements.

The lively discussion and input from those present endorsed that ANBIC's role was that of a national umbrella body which worked in close liaison with regional bushfood associations and other complementary peak industry bodies, addressing issues which affected the industry nationally

Attendees went on to determine the Council's short term goals (ie over the next 6 months).

These included:

  • better dissemination of information and closer workings with (climatic) regional groups regarding available information and their requirements for industry 
  • education and promotion-,
  • the establishment of a national industry data base. This goal was one of those identified to be taken forward to the RIRDC industry r&d workshop on the following day. This data base would cover sectors such as species in the ground and their location; farm gate price; current uses for species either fresh, dried or value added; and aspects relating to wild harvesting responsibilities and its future.

The ballot for ANBIC Directors (and the subsequent Board meeting) saw industry participants elect:

Mr Dion Dorward (Australia Gourmet Exports, SA);

Ms Caroline Graham - ANBIC Chairman (Australian Food & Flora Ltd, SA);

Ms Denise Hart - ANBIC Company Secretary;

Mr Russell Holden (R&H Consulting, NSW):

Mr Paul James (Gundabluey Pty Ltd, NSW);

Ms Wendy Phelps (Longreach Bush Tucker, QLD); and

Ms Juleigh Robins (Robins Bush Foods, VIC).

For further information:

Ms Denise Hart, ANBIC Company Secretary Ph 041 1 852 644 Secretariat - P.O. Box 309, Civic Square ACT

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