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In each issue, we will try to bring you the most up to date list of valuable reading available - bear with us as we collect our bibliography and make this list complete! Bush Food, Jennifer Isaacs, Weldon Press, Sydney Bush Tucker, Australia's Wild Food Harvest, Tim Low, A&R/Harper Collins Sydney 1989 Bushfoods - a Vision for the Future, Hardwick and James, Greening Australia Bushtucker Indentikit, G Wightman and M. Andrew, NT Conservation Commission Ecosystem Bushfood Production in sub tropical Eastern Australia, P Hardwick, Greening Australia Fruits of the Rainforest, W&W Cooper, Geo Productions

Quandong Propagation M. Sedgley, Aust Horticulture 1984, (10)

The Bushfood Handbook; Cherikoff & Isaacs, Ti Tree Press The Food potential of Australian Native Plants, Deakin Uni, Proceedings of conference held March 1984 Uniquely Australian, Vic Cherikoff, Bush Tucker Supply Aust

Useful Native Plants of Australia; JH Maiden, Turner and Henderson, Syd. Wild Food Plants of Australia; Tim Low, Angus and Robertson/Harper Collins

Wild Lime; Juleigh Robyns, Allen and Unwin, Sydney

Bushfires and Bushtucker, Peter Latz, IAD Press, Alice Springs

Future Eaters; Tim Flannery, Reed Publishing

Periodicals: Alternative Farmer, The Land

Bush Delights Newsletter, From Limpinwood Garden Nursery, 066 793 353

Rural Research, $25 pa, PO Box 999 N. Richmond NSW 2754\

The Australian New Crops Newsletter - IM Wod & Ass, 258 Bielby Rd, Kenmore Hills, Qld 4069 The Internet: Australian New Crops: Directory for Botany

Second edition of Bush Heritage Now Available

BUSH HERITAGE An Introduction to the History of Plant and Animal Use by, Aboriginal People and Colonists in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Areas.

By Pat and Sim Symons, 1996 (second edition).

A second edition of this successful book has been brought out, incorporating more historical photographs and additional information on the use of fire, dugong hunting, hut, spear and shield making, landscape descriptions and the colonial use of timbers.

The emphasis and focus of the book, as in the previous edition, is to introduce the reader to a glimpse of the historical use of the environment in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, through the writings of those people who were here. In the book you find out what Matthew Flinders, Allan Cunningham, John Oxley, Ludwig Leichhardt and others saw when they first came into the area.

You also have a record of how 200 or so plants have been, and in some instances still are, used and valued. This information indirectly provides an insight into three cultures - Aboriginal Australians, colonial Australians and present Australians. As well as the historical photos, the book is illustrated with line drawings of the plants. It is well worth the $18.95. No other book brings together this amount of research and presents it in this way. It is available from Pat & Sim Symons, MS 1096, Burnside Rd, Nambour. Qld 4W or from Bushfoods magazine.

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