Issue 1 ~ Mar - Apr 1997


Couldn't get a photo in time for this issue but in May's edition we'll feature a fascinating product from Nick's Wine Merchants in Melbourne - what will they do to witjuti grubs next?

A regular round-up of old, new, home made, high-tech or simply interesting bushfood products...

Basically Wild Edible Art was founded by Hugh Langstaff and Sabine Wienand - restaurateurs and bushfood lovers from way back.

Together, they have developed a gourmet range of products that reflect the enormous range of indigenous flavours. They have introduced culinary bushfood delights to Maleny through the UpFront Club (a licenced restaurant) and their gourmet delicatessen items, which combine fresh local produce with a range of exciting and unusual bush aromas ranging from Bush BBQ Sauce to Rainforest Berries Poached in Rose Wine & Vinegar. They divide their time between this busy kitchen, being directors of the Queensland Bushfood Coopera­tive and a whole array of activities around bushfoods such as tours, catering, cooking classes, etc

Mail order catalogue and tour information via:

Fax : 07 5494 4060

Or: 182 Witta Rd Maleny Qld 4552

Toona Essential Oils

The Sun Dried Tomato Factory particularly caught my eye as I've been experimenting (with little success) with a home made sun-drying contraption. This collapsible but strongly constructed dryer will take up to 41<g of fruit or vegetables and can be hung just about anywhere. $39 plus $8 postage and handling.

Enquiries to 049 75 1849.

Product not featured...

Solid silver asparagus spear

'tipper' (whatever that is).

A must have for some I guess (but haven't they heard of knives?)

Art of Gympie

in Queensland have developed a Lemon scented myrtle perfume and after-shave.

Described as having a 'soft, alluring, sweet lemon fragrance', these beautifully packaged products have have found a ready market around Australia and overseas.

Enquiries can be made to Toona on 07 5486 5216. 

WALK about food Australia

Walkabout Foods Australia are suppliers and exporters of quality Australian native gourmet foods:

Native Herb Vinegars   Mountain Pepper

Native Thyme Outback Seasoning        Bush Tomato

Lilli Pilli Jam      Wattleseed Toffee Sauce - and more.

Ph/fax 08 8365 0074

Got a product?

Let us know. Original, interesting,authentic or simply unusual products will be featured here each issue.

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