Issue 1 ~ Mar-Apr 1997

Nursery News

Green Marketing

Simon Collins of Fitzroy Nursery in Melbourne is testing out 'environmental marketing' practices which may point the way for other adventurous nursery-people.

He not only recycles old plastic bags (this may sound a small thing but it saves him 15,000 plastic bags a year!), labels those plants which are known environmental weeds (ornamental garden plants which escape to pose environmental problems) and has stopped carrying a number of bush gathered products because of the poor regulations and nonexistent policing of collecting parties.

'Lilly what?

Latest edition of Australian Horticulture features a Syzygium you won't be seeing in commercial production. The Classic Dwarf Lilly Pilly - LillyPut. Grows 1.5 to 2m in sun or shade, naturally dense, ideal tub or hedge plant easily pruned for the home garden and, oh yes - has edible pink berries!

Native Grasses Get the Nod

Our much under-used native grasses are starting to find favour with landscapers, revegetators and nurseries. They can now be found on golf course roughs, parks, roadside embankments, commercials landcapes and even the home garden.

A number of our native grasses are edible (though they haven't made it onto the 'top twenty' list yet) and this is an area which definitely warrants further research.

Bushfoods Labels

Macbird floraprint have a range of coloured 'I'm a labels, in particular a ' I'm a bush tucker plant' tie-on label.

Enquiries: (03) 9764 8144 or Fax (03) 9764 9557.

PO Box 48 Burringbar NSW 2483

Seed grown bush tucker, cabinet timber, pioneer and ornamental species available. For list phone/fax: 066 771 675 Graeme Cook & Debbie Wood

Barung Landcare Nursery

Suppliers of a wide range of rainforest and S.E. Queensland bushfood species, including:

Diploglottis campbellii  (Small leaved tamarind)

Pleiogynium timorense  (Burdekin plum)

Sterculia quadrifidia  (Peanut tree)

Podocarpus elatus  (Illawarra plum)

Pleiogynium timorense (Burdekin plum)

Davidsonia pruriens (Davidson's plum)

Syzygium luehmanii (Riberry)

and many more -

Send S.A.E. for availability list

17 Bicentenary Lane

Maleny, Qld 4552

or -

Phone: 07 5494 3151

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