Issue 1 ~ March-Apr 1997

A brief comment from Bush Tucker Supply Australia "The Bushfood Professionals"

Bush Tucker Supply Australia Pty Ltd (BTSAust.) was founded by Vic Cherikoff as a part time venture in 1983 and has since been supplying Australian native gourmet foods to Australian and international markets. While it hasn't al-,ways been easy building an industry, the lessons learnt along the way by all of us (whether a grower, collector, dis­tributor or customer) have been valuable ones.

Today, BTSAust. bushfoods are used in mainstream products (bread, tea, pate), specialist products (chocolates, ice creams, condiments and gourmet cakes), purpose specific products (anti-oxidants, flour bases), retail products (our own Australia's Own Bush Foods range and various other retail manufacturers we supply) as well as over 500 food service applications from local cafes to themed restaurants and airline caterers.

The future for the industry is bright. Continued professionalism in areas of market development, production methods, quality standards and the education of our food and agricultural industry peers will ensure the industry continues to grow. We should also look at the big picture from a long term view as a group, work for the greater industry good along with our own and not poach market share or cut prices from existing users to gain a quick sale. Let's provide manufacturers with the confidence that consumers want bushfoods. Support the industry your­self Every time you (or a frien) buy bushfoods, you are telling manufacturers that there is a demand.. This will drive bushfoods into the mainstream.

Look out and ask for:

• Bush Breads of Australia, available through Woolworths in-store bakeries nationally.

• Bushells Herbal Infusions (bushfood flavoured) available through most supermarkets.

• Australia's Own Bush Foods TM' available through some of the more progressive Coles supermarkets as well as select delicatessens and specialist food stores.

           Emu Bottom Anzac biscuits with wattleseed, available through Amway and specialist stores. If your favourite restaurant does not use bushfoods, ask the waitress to suggest it to the chef or ask the chef yourself. Products are available right across the country through BTSAust.

AND FINALLY, A SPECIAL THANKS to all of those people who follow our same objectives. If you are a customer, thanks for your support, if you are a supplier, we look forward to continuing our relationship and responsibly building the industry together.

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